ACTION ALERT: Keep Speaking Up for Miami-Dade’s Pitties

Sadly, the bills (HB 997 and SB 1322) that would have repealed Miami-Dade’s antiquated “pit bull” ban were successfully killed by county commissioners. This tragic turn of events is an outrage to animal lovers throughout South Florida (and beyond).

But we’re not giving up. We need to keep speaking out for the innocent animals of Miami-Dade. If the public keeps clamoring for change, eventually the commissioners will have to give in. Theoretically, they’re supposed to represent their constituent’s wishes, but in this case, failed miserably to do so. We need to keep the pressure on and remind them who’s in control – the voters.

We all know that this legislation has been a dismal failure. It’s wasted taxpayer dollars (estimates suggest that Miami residents spend as much as $3 million annually to enforce this ridiculous ban), led to the deaths of thousands innocent dogs, and hasn’t produced any appreciable difference in dog bites – or increase in public safety. So what’s the point?! There isn’t one.

According to No Kill Nation: “While the number of dog bites throughout Florida and the United States has plummeted to historic lows, Miami-Dade’s decrease has been slower than the state-wide and national trends – and most of their decline occurred prior to 1989, when the legislation was enacted. In 1998 (10 years after the ban was enacted) the county was home to 14% of Florida’s total population, but it had 18% of dog bite hospitalizations; more recently in 2007, Miami-Dade included 13% of Florida’s population, but had 16% of the state’s dog bite victim hospitalizations.”

The facts are crystal clear.

It’s time to put this issue to bed once and for all. Please, please contact the Miami-Dade commissioners via this easy action alert, and let them know you want justice for this county’s innocent pibbles.

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One Response to ACTION ALERT: Keep Speaking Up for Miami-Dade’s Pitties

  1. Sadly it’s not the dogs fault it is the ignorant owners who let their dogs loose. They aren’t responsible enough to own one if you ask me. Lets put them “down” and see how things change.

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