The ASPCA is Full of Crap

The ASPCA is a cancerous growth on the animal welfare movement. They dominate donations, take in hundreds of millions of dollars, and hurt the No Kill cause far more than they’d ever help it.

They’ve been guilty of shady fundraising techniques, supporting abusive directors & shelters, promoting legislation that would lead to more killing, and consistent efforts to stop the No Kill movement in its tracks (among other transgressions).

Most recently, they’ve launched a press release claiming credit for (… wait for it …) Austin’s lifesaving success.


When the No Kill movement began gaining ground in Austin, the ASPCA fought it. They supported the abusive, horrific previous shelter director at Town Lake Animal Center, and tried to take down Fix Austin. They failed.

So, their newest tactic is to attempt to take credit for the work of Fix Austin, Austin Pets Alive!, Town Lake Animal Center and other devoted members of the community. Shameless! The reality of their programs is far from successful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Do NOT support them. Don’t give them your hard-earned money. And please educate others on their true nature. The truth will prevail, eventually.

(Thanks to Nathan Winograd for the heads up about this issue.)

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3 Responses to The ASPCA is Full of Crap

  1. Truth and Transparency — is it too much to ask for from the organizations we give money too? I am sick of the corruption in our governments and organizations.

    Please take care to check out organizations well before you give them any of your hard earned money.

  2. What a great article. Thank you so much for writing about this. They have pulled a fast one, in regard to the Fukushima animals. After the disaster they collected donations for the “disaster” animals. To date and after questions were posted on their site about the money, no accounting has ever been given as to where all that money went. The money is much needed by these animals. and nothing. They did not speak out when the Government of Japan decided to neglect all the animals and allowed many to starve to death. They did not speak out when it was revealed that the Government of Japan was using inhumane and cruel methods to “cull” livestock. The ASPCA is showing that it is no longer about the animals but about the money. thank you again.

  3. Linda says:

    The aspca, as with peta and hsus, possibly started as an org. that did fine things for pets. However, their mission statement must have changed totally as they have turned into nothing but a clone of peta and hsus. Make money. That is all they do and what do they do with it? Use it to make slick TV commercials tugging at the heartstrings of people and, yes, make more money. The aspca could help solve the pet overpopulation in this Country in a much more humane way than they presently do. With a needle. Education is a good place to begin. TNR of strays is an excellent place to put a part of the bucket full of cash they have. For these three orgs., killing animals is becoming an everyday occurance and no problem for them at all. Shame on these orgs. So much more could be done to lessen the suffering of pets at their hands.

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