MDAS Gets “Support” From ASPCA & HSUS

MDAS is doing everything in their power lately to combat the negative (and completely deserved) reputation they’ve earned in the press and the community. These attempts to spin the truth aren’t going to bury the facts. Once animal lovers know about the death, the neglect, the abuse … they won’t stand for it. Time is on our side.

Recently, MDAS sent out an email to its rescue partners with an attached letter of support from Ed Sayres and Wayne Pacelle, the CEOs of the ASPCA and the HSUS, respectively. See the letter below. This is a letter of support from two of the worst perpetrators of death for homeless animals. These men have championed killers, rallied for abusers and stood firmly behind the status quo for years. They make monstrous salaries, paid by the kindness of animal loving Americans, all the while pulling the wool over the eyes of the people and falsely leading them to believe they’re working to save lives – not end them. In reality, these men and their organizations OPPOSE the concept of No Kill, and fight it every step of the way.

The fact that they support Dr. Sara Pizano is completely unsurprising. They often support some of the nation’s worst shelter directors. Ed Sayres supported Dorinda Pulliam (former director of Town Lake Animal Center in Austin) until the bitter end. She killed more than 100,000 animals in her tenure, and it wasn’t until she was gone that Austin took the necessary steps towards No Kill success.

Unfortunately, many animal loving Americans still believe that these groups are the ultimate in animal protection. Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. But the ASPCA and the HSUS are wealthy and powerful, and very adept at fundraising – and lying. They’ve successfully fooled people for decades, but that time won’t last forever. People will learn the truth.

Below is some essential reading by Nathan Winograd about the realities of these organizations, and how they operate. They are killers – with no real regard for saving companion animals. The tens of millions of dollars they raise each year do NOT go to help shelter pets, despite what they lead you to believe. Typically, they raid puppy mills and dog fighting rings, only to kill the majority of the animals they “rescue”.

If you currently donate to these organizations, please reconsider, and direct your funds to a legitimate No Kill cause or rescue group. And spread the word that their support of Dr. Sara Pizano at MDAS only furthers the fact that she’s a sad perpetrator of the status quo, with no interest in a No Kill shelter or community.

Wayne Pacelle championed and defended the mass slaughter of 150 dogs seized from a fighting ring in Wilkes County NC.

Wayne Pacelle supports Michael Vick, and believes he should own dogs again in the future. This statement caused MAJOR public outrage.

Wayne Pacelle lobbied to have all the Michael Vick dogs killed, while simultaneously using them as a fundraising ploy.

Ed Sayres ordered the killing of Oreo, an abused dog who was offered a permanent home by a rescue group in New York.

Ed Sayres has worked to kill Oreo’s Law, legislation that would give rescue groups access to shelter dogs at risk in New York State.

The ASPCA under Ed Sayres is known to support notoriously high-kill shelters, and those with track records of abuse.

For more essential reading about these organizations, visit Nathan Winograd’s blog and check out “The Truth About ASPCA” and “The Truth About HSUS” sections on the right hand side.

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3 Responses to MDAS Gets “Support” From ASPCA & HSUS

  1. nanci little says:

    Where WAS this No Kill Society when the rescue groups were pulling all those soon-to-be-sick dogs out of MDAS? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN? Why is THAT?

    Where were they when the shelter was getting scrubbed down? Why weren’t they here supervising as the ASPCA was, to make sure it was done correctly, looking over the shoulder of every half-ass employee that MDAS has on staff?

    • Hi Nanci,
      I assume you’re referring to No Kill Nation? No Kill Nation is not a rescue organization, it is a shelter reform and animal advocacy group, so we don’t physically pull animals, we work to reform shelter policies, pass legislation and end the killing of homeless companion animals nationwide. NKN was staying abreast of everything happening at the shelter during the distemper outbreak, and was heavily involved in community outreach to help at-risk pets be saved. There were also two founding NKN members on the ground at MDAS. NKN also did media outreach and called for community members to contact the County Manager, Commissioner Diaz and other local officials in order to make sure all animals would have the time to be saved by rescue groups before being killed. Additionally, NKN assisted (and continues to do so) with making provisions for the rescued pets. Please check your facts before saying NKN was “nowhere to be seen”…

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