Following Her Heart into Animal Rescue

I love this story. It’s an inspirational tale about an animal-loving woman who was a career chameleon, with previous stints as a pilot, casino dealer and singer. But, after a life-changing volunteer vacation at the Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, she and her husband threw caution to the wind, abandoned their previous lives and moved to Utah, determined to find a way to work at the sanctuary. She references the realization as her “Eckhart Tolle” moment.

Several of my friends & family sent me this story, and it struck a chord. I love the element of risk Juliette Watt took when she abandoned her former life and threw caution to the wind. I love the work of this sanctuary. I love that her communion with rescued animals changed her life forever. Best Friends, the organization, has made some major missteps when it comes to the No Kill cause, but their sanctuary is a haven for abandoned pets, and we need more like it. Read Juliette’s story, and be inspired. There’s so much work to be done – we need more people to follow their hearts to accomplish it.

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