How One Person Can Make a Difference

The apathy of most Americans in the face of moral & cultural crises is a topic oft discussed. As Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Personally, I believe most people fall into the all-too-common mindset that an individual can’t make a difference. What’s the point in trying? I’m just one person, I can’t change anything! Sadly, this is so far from the truth. If only more people realized the impact an individual can have. Individuals, driven by injustice, passion and empathy, have changed the WORLD, time and time again.

This video is the story of Stanley, a neglected pup who was rescued, thanks to just one person taking just one action, which began a chain reaction that saved Stanley’s life. This is how animal rescue works – and this is how one person can make a difference. Please watch, please share. And remember, YOU can make a difference. From saving the life of one animal to making sure one mouth is fed to donating a blanket to keep one furry body warm at night – every action matters.

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